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Reviewing My Favorite Bible Apps

I want to do the occasional review-type post on this blog, so here's the first one. One of the blessings of technology is being able to have the Bible and biblical resources with you wherever you go. A lot of people use Bible apps on their smartphones, and through my life I have used several.… Continue reading Reviewing My Favorite Bible Apps

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Is There Hope For a “Dirty, Messy Family?”

My wife and I are endeavoring to read the Bible through in 2019. I've been a Christian for going on six years now and have never read the Bible from cover to cover in a year. It's not something you have to do to go to heaven, but it's been on my bucket list for… Continue reading Is There Hope For a “Dirty, Messy Family?”

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The Beauty of the Big Picture

One of the things that has always impressed me about the Bible is how it all fits together to form one big picture. Because of printing presses, book binding, and study habits, it's easy to forget this. The Bible is 66 books written by 40 authors over 2,000 years on 3 continents in 3 languages.… Continue reading The Beauty of the Big Picture

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I hope that this is a hashtag we can all get behind. Let me explain. When you read through the book of Genesis, you are introduced to a lot of people. I mean, seriously, person after person after person after person. It is after all the beginning of the story of everything and everybody, so… Continue reading #MakeBabyNamesMeanSomethingAgain

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My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)

Starbucks holds a unique place in the minds of many coffee lovers. For the coffee hipsters/purists, it's too mass-produced and popular. It's like "the man" of coffee and is doing more harm than good for the overall coffee world. This group would prefer some sustainably sourced, single-origin coffee that is roasted in house and brewed… Continue reading My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)

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Thoughts on Celebrating the Passing of Time

The more you think about it, the more interesting the New Year holiday seems. We (thankfully) get a day off to celebrate… the passing of time? It’s like we’re all just looking at each other saying, "Congratulations! We survived another orbit around the sun." Of course, 2018 wasn’t that great for a lot of people,… Continue reading Thoughts on Celebrating the Passing of Time


Leaving Cynicism at the Door in 2019

Like many, I have frequently adopted the coping mechanism of cynicism. Cynics don’t want to see cynicism as a coping mechanism, but that’s what it is. We get burnt, we get hurt, people let us down, and we begin to view life a little differently. We no longer expect good things. We stop giving people… Continue reading Leaving Cynicism at the Door in 2019


The Makings of a Perfect Sunday (For Me)

When you’re not a regular churchgoer, Sunday is the best day of the week. The phrase "Sunday funday" exists for a reason and most likely wasn’t coined by Christians. Sunday becomes the day for fishing, relaxing, watching football, and catching up on sleep. Pretty much everybody has Sunday off so it becomes the de facto… Continue reading The Makings of a Perfect Sunday (For Me)